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Thread: Q-Image (for Mac)

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    Q-Image (for Mac)

    If you print, I cannot say enough good things about the Q-Image printing program. Basically, Q is a RIP without dedicated profiles. It is a far superior print driver than than what manufacturers offer as standard and in addition to excellent print rasterization, it offers excellent output sharpening and image re-sizing protocols, as well as automated multi-image page layout intelligence for large format printers. There are currently three options, lite at 34.95, pro at 49.95 and Studio at 89.95. I am currently using Pro, but will probably upgrade to Studio just for the added ability to store multiple image sizes. With Pro, you get an additional output sharpening protocol called "Hybrid" which is simply outstanding, and IMO worth the cost over Lite. You get one more with Studio, an improved Hybrid, but I find Hybrid to be outstanding as-is, and I use only a very low setting with it.

    The bad news is that Q-Image is only available for PC and not coded for Mac. Moreover, the folks at Q are not interested in ever coding it for Mac (shame on them)... Most of you know I switched to Mac earlier this year, and "losing" Q-Image was the only real negative to the switch. I contemplated dedicating an old PC laptop to print server status, just to use Q, or springing for a full version of Image Print. While IP is excellent, it is very costly, nay, simply TOO expensive for my budget and output needs.

    Now the GOOD news... I had read that Q worked on the Mac through Fusion, so thought I'd try it. Fusion runs Windows virtually on the Mac, in it's own window without a re-boot. Yes, you need to buy Fusion ($79) and have a licensed copy of XP or Vista to load inside it, so there is extra cost involved. BUT the programs run beautifully on my Mac Pro. It's as easy as drag and drop my images from my Mac onto the XP desktop, launch Q-Image and print away. Can't say enough good about this solution for Mac users!

    The Q-Image site:


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    Re: Q-Image (for Mac)

    are you going to do the same setup on your laptop for Carmel or will we be printing from Photoshop?

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