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Thread: Epson 7880...or Canon ipf6100

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    Epson 7880...or Canon ipf6100

    I'm looking to buy a Epson 7880 for the IQ and I want a 24" printer ( my finger has not yet hit the buy button) but I now have a Canon ipf5000 and Canon has been an excellent company to deal with and I'm torn that maybe I should go with the ipf6100 because of the customer service alone....... What say ye..........I will not change blacks, I use H pearl and H AL glossy 95% of the time so thats not an issue. I buy all my stuff a Camera West..Sean is great to deal with but he said it was a toss up... 6100 was faster.
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    Re: Epson 7880...or Canon ipf6100

    At the luminous landscape Michael who tested all 3 including the hp z3100 concluded the canon was the worst of the 3.
    Epson was best but no ink swapping. Matte or glossy papers only. I got the hp very happy so far. David PS I had the epson 7600 . If you can wit till fall epson might have new printers.

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