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Thread: Prices for Fujitrans, can this be right?

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    Prices for Fujitrans, can this be right?

    Hi All,

    I'm in the process of getting some prints done for a show. My print house is charging me as follows for some managed prints.

    Size: 24x36 image on 26x38 fujitrans (one print, Managed) = 247.00
    Size: 11x14 image on 13x16 fujitrans (one print, Managed) = 80.00*
    Size: 8x12 image on 10x14 fujitrans (one print, Managed) = 80.00*

    * They charge anything smaller than 16x20 at 16x20 print.

    The prices do go down a bit with quantity, and I have ~25-30 images to print - but my nine 26x38 prints alone could cost over $2000.00 at these prices.

    Is this the going rate, or am I getting reamed? These files will require the service to "manage" by tweaking in photoshop (figuring out some gamut issues and profiling mainly)...

    Thanks for any help - I'm pretty much a working (read: not highly paid) artist and while I will certainly spend the dough if it's the way it is (and I want good work!) - I also want to be sure...


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    Re: Prices for Fujitrans, can this be right?

    David at Dale Labs should be able to help you with this (he's a forum member)... Not sure if they do this work, I know they were thinking about it. Give him a call at 954 920 3648 and see what he says.

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    Re: Prices for Fujitrans, can this be right?


    To me those prices seem quite high... I'm not sure about the paper stock but in general I would be cautious about turning over the look of the final print to a house. Now if you will be there working with them side by side as the print is made I can see the cost... otherwise I would look a bit further. David's suggestion of Dale is a great place to start.

    Remember also that the print is just one cost element...

    Can we have a look at some of the images that will be shown?

    Let us know what you find out.


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