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Thread: Kodak PhotoCD professional printing help

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    Kodak PhotoCD professional printing help


    A while back, while overseas, my cache of master negs (transparencies, 4x5 negs) was stolen, along with other stuff, of course.
    All I have left are 24mb files in Kodak PhotoCDs.
    Even with uprezzing software, does anyone have any experience with printing from this outdated format?
    Dare I even imagine I can still get prints for exhibition from them?
    Any tips for professional printers in NYC would be helpful.
    thanks all

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    Re: Kodak PhotoCD professional printing help

    Well there are lots of help available on the internet regarding the old and new formats of the photo software. I think there would be great if you get better help with official kodak website.

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    Re: Kodak PhotoCD professional printing help

    I used to scan to Photo cd's and back in the day. You will probably need some basic post processing work, but the quality of the scans were pretty good. I suspect you have Prophoto cd's given MF film, in which the scans should be even better as I had my training on the Pro, but had all my experience on the std photo cd's. As far as printing goes, well, it will all be in the post processing as no telling how much work was done in the scan. I did a lot of cleaning and a fair amount of tweaking to every image, but if I recall, most other labs just cranked out the scans with out much work... I think you best bet would be to contact the pro printers and see what they think.
    Good luck.

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