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Thread: "All Sizes" on flickr

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    Mitch Alland

    "All Sizes" on flickr

    If you set your flickr parameters so that only you can download pictures, viewers can only see a "medium-sized" picture but cannot see the original size that you uploaded. I upload my pictures at 864x648 size — is there any reason I should not allow anyone to download my pictures, which would mean that they can see and download the 864x648 picture?

    —Mitch/Bangkok[email protected]/

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    Re: "All Sizes" on flickr

    Hi Mitch:

    You can do a similar thing here on our site --- just upload the maximum size you want, and a 900 pixel wide, web-friendly version is created as the default. TO see the big, you click on the 900 pixel image in your gallery. (I remind you all, as a member here, you have 20 MB of FREE image hosting space!)

    The reason NOT to go much bigger than 900 is that larger images are pretty easy to copy, uprez and make decent 11x prints from. I've demo'd this with a 1200 pixel image and the group was stunned at how good it looked and how easily I did it.


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