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Thread: Printing snafu

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    Printing snafu

    epson 4880, imageprint. i've made about 20 prints so far without a hitch:
    custom cut paper to 17 x 17, make a user paper size of 17x17 in imageprint, print my 15 x 15 images centered on the paper. has worked great.
    today, i got an unexpected "wrong paper size" error several times at the printer. checked the paper guides, etc, seemed correct. reset the printer using the pause button for 3 sec. still seems to happen.
    the PIA is that if the print job goes bust, the imageprint queue can't be easily cleared. What i have to do is disable the queue in imageprint and shut down and re-boot the computer. then start imageprint, open the queue, highlight the job to delete, right arrow to dump it, then re-enable the queue. (this is what Imageprint tech told me) then i can re-load an image and try again, hoping the wrong size paper error doesn't show up again.

    what would be causing the paper error in the first place, all of a sudden? my paper is exactly sized and fitted in the guides perfectly


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    Re: Printing snafu

    I have the 3800 so this may not apply to you, but I find I have to check the paper feed selection every time to insure (in my case) that I'm selecting the rear manual feed tray. When I forget, it gives me a paper feed error message. Just a guess.

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