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Thread: Tips on using Qimage on a Mac

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    Tips on using Qimage on a Mac

    Who is using Qimage on their Mac? As there are so many who rave about Qimage, I'm trying to learn it to see for myself.

    I have a Mac Pro with Snow Leopard, Epson R3000 printer, and am using VMware for PC emulation. I have been using Capture One for RAW capture and PS5 for processing and priniting. I downloaded a trial of Qimage. I don't like the inteface, and it's less intuitive than I had hoped.

    How best to use it? Do you use Qimage only for output to printer? Do you use it for RAW capture? Photo processing?

    One stumbling block I have already found is locating the ICC profiles for the R3000 that are so readily available on the MAC. I have been unable to find them, but perhaps I have overlooked something basic. I'm sure I am overlooking many things that are basic. I have already looked at some Youtube tutorials, and will need to view some more.

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    Re: Tips on using Qimage on a Mac

    Hi Tom,

    To use qimage, you need to unplug your brain, and plug it in sideways. The inteface is different than what any 'normal person' would expect, but once you've got the hang of it, then it will be intuitive, and it actually makes a lot of sense. I use it only for printing.

    The raw capture, like many, depends on dcraw, which does not cover all the cameras available - Sigma for example. The image editing is pretty basic, imho, but probably more than adequate for some users. Wrt printing, it excells, you can save jobs/layouts, etc. It simply does things like canvas wraps, wallets, etc. In tests that I've made its upsizing algorithms beats everything else, including continuous fractals, or whatever it's called these days.

    You will find plenty of help over on their forum wrt the application itself, and there are a number of Mac users who hopefully will help you with the Mac side of things. Be aware of the few fan boys who will try and convert you to using qimage for everything.

    If you search their forum wrt vmware, you may find an answer to your profile query, if not ask over there, unless someone here can jump in.

    Best wishes,

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    Re: Tips on using Qimage on a Mac

    You will have to have Windows using something like Parallels to make the interface. I use mine primarily for printing and setting up print packages and is intuitive. As for RAW I use the camera's image processing program to rough the image on the Mac and have my Photoshop on Widows to do everything else. The neat thing about Qimage for color correcting and sharpening is that the original file is still in the memory and can be changed back at anytime unlike with Photoshop where you need to save as a separate file and use up memory. There is also a ton of features for photographers who need boarders, frames and custom layouts etc.

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