Hello all, Just a heads up really and thinking aloud

Purchased Epson 7890 (UK) in Jan 2012 for making canvas prints to sell (makes awesome prints) I use doubleweight matte canvas.

First off is the size and weight of the darn thing. It really is a four man job but has zero grab handles, and so if you are thinking of getting it upstairs forget it!

OK so on a new machine we pretty much stuck with Epson inks due to warranty issues. The maintenance tank is an easily servicable item, but you cant becaue it has a chip too!! worse it does not appear to use actual condition to give a status report, but a time generated report. So even if it is empty eventually it will claim it needs changing! Given the prices Epson charge its a ripoff ham stringing a maintenance tank like this - New tanks 35 delivered! You can ghet a resetter, but on some models this appears to corrupt other items like the odd ink cartridge, so may not be such a good idea.

Big mistake buying the latest model, because you cant get any good deals on consumables and there is no history of engineering hacks etc. I did buy it though because the claim was it was more economical to run than previously (not in my case)

Epson claim (cost calculator)an A1 sheet should cost about 1.50ukp...currently mine is running at 18 per print, but I still have a little ink left.

It seems when the inks get down to the last 1/3 you get the constant warnings *low ink* and the advice to change it. I did not, and ten prints on its still working fine.

Now here come the woes. I have an engineer due out on Monday who thinks it may need an AID maintenace kit swap?

Lovely prints though, awesome in most cases and Im not even on full resolution.

Epson 7890 log (my own log)

(PRINT QUALITY Epson status monitor - set to level 4 quality - superfine 720x1440dpi )

ALL COLOUR PRINTS usually cartoon subject matter

13/02/2012 20x30 finn Mcmissile
13/02/2012 14x20 finnMcmissile
14/02/2012 20x30 Liam
14/01/1900 20x30 finn Mcmissile
20/02/2012 16x20 Finn McMissile
25/02/2012 20x30 finn Mcmissile
29/02/2012 20x30 Banksy Thomas
02/03/2012 16x20 photo
20x30 Finn city
09/03/2012 16x20 photo

11/3/12 Changed 110ml Light grey Cartridge as it claimed not enough ink left to clean & that maintenance tank not enough space left for cleaning!! (shows 80% on stats)
Changed ink and took tank out and replaced it and it was fine (tank hardly used) -
11/3/12 printed 20x30 + 10x10 + 14x14 + 16x20 cleaned again after 2 prints
11/3/12 new 18m roll canvas
13/3/12 cleaned again before 14x10 print
14/3/12 20x30
14/3/12 20x20
14x3/12 20x30
15/3/12 20x30 cleaned again before printing! Then it claims clogged nozzles detected cleaning recommended!! but finally printed. Print came out fine but clogged nozzle warning still present and so carried out routine cleaning. After about 15mins - automatic cleaning error came up as failed - retry yes/no?!! I said no and turned printer off!!
15/3/12 on switching on 5 hours later an error message came up *ink cartridge error replace* on photo black NO5...which I have not even been using!! Took cartridge out and put it back in again and all OK. Maintainence tank now showing 75% - inks 2-3-8 now flashing low - printed 20x30 fine. Then tried printing another 20x30 went in to cleaning mode again. After 4mins of cleaning it said clogged nozzles detected cleaning recommended!! but started to print anyway. No9 ink now flashing low - printed fine.
16/3/12 auto nozzle check - cleaning - clogged nozzles detected cleaning recommended - then prints but warning still in place - print fine - switched off
16/3/12 - Reported faults to Epson Support via CHAT and they will send engineer out for a service call.
16/3/12 - Turned off auto cleaning/nozzle check on advise from support - latest LFP reporting firmware is latest = NIC F/W 01.10 Printer F/W JN030B9"

I am still on original 150ml inks, apart form light grey which I changed. Initial commission and charging of the 7890 used up 50% of the inks in one big hit. I'm now getting low on them all and predict a need to change within 20 more A1 prints or so.

It is advisable to check you have latest firmware on yours and even if you have TURN OFF auto nozzle/cleaning or it will drive you made with its constant requests and it really is not neccesary.

Let you know how engineer gets on.