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Thread: Printing for Murals

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    Printing for Murals

    I would like to make murals out of my pictures but I am not sure what would be the best paper or fabric to use for this. I have just acquired the ipf8300 and would love to offer murals to my clients. What would be your suggestion? Is there one that is easier to install on walls? I am looking for material that could cover an entire wall.

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    John Harrison

    Re: Printing for Murals

    I have been dying to try it myself. There are a few different materials to try. I noticed Lexjet has a few (I am NOT affiliated). I got a sample roll of Photo Tex and haven't tried it. If it is going to be permanent, I am not sure how long this is going to last. You might contact a wall paper installer and see if they have recommendations and look at partnering with them. here is info on Photo Tex. Photo Tex

    Good luck and keep me posted.

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    Re: Printing for Murals

    Phototex removeable adhesive cloth is very unique and easy to apply ( and won't damage underlying material when removed is a plus). The downside is that images printed on the cloth will not be nearly as detailed or of quality had good quality canvas or smoother inkjet receptive coated substrate been used. A good profile is essential here otherwise images will bleed. From a "viewing distance" (hate that term) it will look good on a wall. Very cool media though; I have clients that I print signage for and we put it on the floor. It's hard for eyes to miss.

    Adhesive vinyls are much smoother, but the adhesive is much more aggressive, so more care must be taken in application (spritz water/windex to place and roll air bubbles out--allows better placement and then let dry into place).

    I recall seeing inkjet coated wall paper media at one time---I believe at
    I think it would be neat to mount a canvas direct on the wall as a mural....


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    Re: Printing for Murals

    I have used an Epson adhesive vinyl roll. The back just is peeled off and then stuck to a wall. It can be peeled off without damaging the paint. The wall needs to be clean and humidity can be a problem. It is a nice surface to print on. It is sharp, but not as sharp as photo papers, but holds plenty of detail. Hanging a 44" x 144" vertical is so much easier than a 44" x 144" horizontal--you stick a leading edge (straight) and then remove the backing as you stick the rest of the image by unrolling the print. Keeping air out is really important. And getting that flat and true at the beginning is important and tricky. Fortunately, buckles in the vinyl flatten right out once against the wall. The wall texture will be seen, but the surface is flat and viewers really don't notice it, but you will need a good wall.

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