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Thread: Eizo vs Nec Screens

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    Eizo vs Nec Screens

    Could anybody comment regarding the following screens:
    I want a screen for office work and some photo-editing, which should be easy and good to profile. I dont need 100% accurancy but lets say 90% if possible.
    I would not want to go higher in price than 1000- max. 1500 €
    Any experience, opinions, reviews regarding the following screens?
    Thanks a lot, Tom

    Eizo CE210W
    Eizo CG222W
    Nec MultiSync® LCD2090UXi Photo Edition
    Nec MultiSync® LCD2190UXp Photo Edition
    Nex Spectra View models

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    Re: Eizo vs Nec Screens

    I love the Eizo products but I'm not sure they meet your price requirements. The NEC are said to be very good. John Paul Caponigro claims the NEC 2690WQXi is the "best monitor I've ever used".

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    Re: Eizo vs Nec Screens


    I have had the NEC 2190 uxi for a couple of years now and tell you it is by far the best monitor I have had bar none. Other endorsements of these monitors come from people like Karl Lang the guy who developed the Sony Artisan display. His claim is they are as good maybe better in some ways compared to the Eizo and for way less money. Only the CG series of Eizo's would be in the same league with the NEC pro graphic series as I understand it.

    I bought mine from Pro Vantage and got a great deal on it at the time. They seem to be very reputable, no complaints from me at least.

    Hope this helps.


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