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Thread: EPSON papers

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    EPSON papers

    Hi !

    I have recently bought an Epson 3880 but I have not been printing actively with it yet, nothing bigger than A4

    I have come across a guy who is selling a big stock of EPSON paper, in all kind of dimensions from 10x15 to A3+ and rolls of 329mm x 10m.
    I can't find any info on the quality of the different types of paper however

    These are the different types, all from EPSON :

    Archival Matte Paper
    Glossy Paper Photo Weight
    Photo Paper
    Glossy Film
    Premium Semigloss Photo Paper

    Has anybody here worked with these papers ?
    How good are they ?

    TIA for any info !

    C U
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    Re: EPSON papers

    I've found that my epson printer (photo stylus 1400) works well only with epson papers. I tried to print on HP premium photo glossy, and somehow the ink didn't stick so well. When I print on generic photo papers, the colors are off. But when I print on epson papers, premium glossy, it's wonderful!
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    Re: EPSON papers

    If you print using the correct printer settings and the proper ICC profile, you should be able to print on just about any inkjet receptive coated paper. Epson is just a brand name; they don't make their own papers nor coat the media. Selection of media really depends on what you're trying to do/print.

    I've found that custom profiles were always better than canned ICC profiles for older printer generations. Recent manufacturer ICC profiles for printers such as the 79/9900 seem to be a step above in quality and are really quite good.

    There are higher quality fine art substrates available for inkjet printing than the Epson media listed above---both Epson brand ("Signature Worthy") and a host of other manufacturers such as Hahnemuhle, Breathing Color, Harman, Canson, Innova, etc.


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