I was seriously contemplating buying my mom a Epson Artsion 800 for Christmas. Staples has them for $229, I have a $30 off coupon for phone & INet orders and $50 off for recycling my HP Carts. So that would get me down to $150 or so for a $299 printer. Not bad. I like: It prints on CD's. It can copy/scan/fax and she can stick her CF card in and print pics right from the card. What also WAS selling me on it is the fact it's got 5 separate ink tanks. However, I found out Staples doesn't pay to recycle Canon or Epson carts??? Only Lexmark, Dell and HP.

So, is there a Lexmark, Dell or better yet, HP out there that will do this? I haven't seen a decent one really, especially with the print on CD feature.