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Thread: VFA vs. Photo Rag 308?

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    VFA vs. Photo Rag 308?

    (Edit - should read VFA vs. Photo Rag Bright White)

    Testing papers on my new 3800 ($%^& she's a nice machine) and wondered how folks would folks compare Epson VFA to Photo Rag 308?

    While have fallen in love with FB AL Gloss for B&W (and also great for color) and Ilford GFS as a 'daily' print for color (not so much for B&W vs FB Al) given it's cost, have just started playing with matte papers.

    After trying same B&W and color test shots on the various papers from the Hahnemuhle 18 page sample pack and Harman FB Matte (yuck for color, not bad for B&W) -- Photo Rag BW coming out ahead (so far), especially for color.

    The BW seems to have less texture than Rag Pearl or Satin (or the lack of any gloss hides it better) with nice fine tonal changes and depth. Versus Rag 308 is extra contrast (from the cooler tone in BW) seems to bring out a hair more fine detail. Rag 308 would be #2.

    That said was curious about VFA (texture, contrast,etc) in comparison as is substantially less costly.

    Still working, hopefully via Shades of Paper, on getting samples (seems to be the best source for them) of if anyone has any thoughts on same (VFA sample seem hard to find):

    Photo Rag Ultra Smooth
    Epson Exhibition Fiber
    Harman FB AL Gloss Warmtone (would seem self-explanatory, but..)

    Before the 3800, I never thought I'd use the words 'fun' and 'printing' in the same sentence. ...
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