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Thread: Epson 7890 print size

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    Epson 7890 print size


    I have just acquired an Epson 7890 and am wanting to print 30''x20'' canvasses to sell.

    I have added a 2'' mirrored border to my prints but when i print them out the size is 34.25''x24''.

    I have the paper size set at 34''x24'', borderless and expansion set at exact size.

    Can anyone help?


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    Re: Epson 7890 print size

    Canvas is a pliable substrate and can expand and contract in response to environmental conditions. Additionally, canvas can shrink when coated with a water based sealant, and tends to shrink only in one dimension or lengthwise coming out of the printer. I'll take a guess that you're using the canvas setting (smart move too by epson) which seems to address the canvas shrinkage issue, by adjusting print and feed adjustment (lengthen) to help balance the shrinkage. Sometimes you need to do something more when shrinkage is more.

    I'll place bets you also wish you got the 9900 44" printer instead to print canvas!


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