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Thread: Phatte Black on Epson

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    Phatte Black on Epson

    Does anyone here have experience, pro or con with the Imageprint Phatte black system?

    I have read a bit from others complaining about an increase in bronzing with a glossy or semi-glossy paper but really haven't found too much overall.

    My printing is a 35 to 75 mix, matte/glossy. Right now I have been able to meet most needs with my 7800 and the MK inks, but I am starting to need larger prints on canvas and prefer to use matte canvas. The cost of the PK to MK ink IMO is around 100 to 120 per switch which is not that bad, but it's the time involved in the switch and the fact that since you are basically doing a power clean during the switch, you have to have a certain amount of ink in each cart or the system will require you to replace the cart.

    The phatte black appeals to me, but I wanted to see if others had used it and to what amount the bronzing occurred. I see a small amount with the Epson profilles and using Luster or Premium glossy paper with the Light Light black cart installed. I would not be trying to print any B&W.

    Paul Caldwell

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    Re: Phatte Black on Epson

    I experienced bad bronzing with Crane Silver Rag using Phatte Black and switched back to just PK inks. You may have better luck with a different paper.

    Best way to go might be to just use the Epson driver for the prints you make the least of (ie matte or glossy).

    Good luck.

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