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Thread: bother messing with an epsn 10600?

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    bother messing with an epsn 10600?

    I essentially can get an epson 10600 for free with plenty of ink.
    Worth messing with? or is this an endless rabbit hole which will only be a time and creativity time-suck?

    I don't need it.. but have been contemplating an epson 9880 for next year.

    Eric Korenman

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    Re: bother messing with an epsn 10600?

    I made a lot of nice canvas prints on my Epson 10000, that still look very good. I only sold it because of no 64 bit driver. I think the 10600 does have 64 bit xp drivers available that will probably work on Windows 7 and 8. I was a very reliable printer, but not always so great on glossy papers, because it was tough to eliminate the banding. Canvas and thick fine art papers did not show banding at all.
    I upgraded to Canon IPF8300 a few years ago, and the gamut is obviously better in the greens and somewhat in the reds. Canon is more of a pain to load rolls and sheets. The Epson could have 2 rolls ready to go, and the top loading sheets were easier IMHO.

    As far a being a time and creativity time-suck, I think ALL large format printers can be, but the learning curve can probably be applied to the 9880, so not all will be lost.
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    Re: bother messing with an epsn 10600?

    It's a good printer, though 2 complete generations behind the current x900 technology. The inks do not have the range of the current x900 or even the x800/880 Ultrachrome inks, but can be decent with a good paper profile or when printing on matt surface art papers. On the upside, they work *really* well for B&W with Cone inks. The price is certainly right if you have the room for it and assuming it works

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    Re: bother messing with an epsn 10600?

    As suggested, I would personally religate it for either strictly B&W work espcially with matt type "textured fine art papers. Alternatively if some color work is to be done, I'd stick primarily to printing on Canvas. It can be a workhorse and turn out some nice work, but as Jack mentioned, clearly a couple generations behind. If the price is right and it's in good working condition (and you have the space), it's worth setting up.

    Dave (D&A)

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