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Thread: How to hang images

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    How to hang images

    Hello :

    Not sure if this is the correct space to ask this question - But after Printing, which is what this section is dedicated to, comes hanging images on a wall - Thus thought best to ask the question here : ?

    I have searched the net for Different Methods of how images can be hung on a wall, ( wish to emulate a gallery for my home ), but the info on the net has been a bit confusing !

    Would any of you know simple systems of achieving a flexible, yet professional approaching of hanging Framed, but mostly just matted images ?

    Also a side question :

    Why should Seamless Background Paper ( 10Ft ) rolls be stored in an upright/vertical and not horizontal position ? ( Been meaning to ask this question for quite some time ).

    Shall await your kind replies.


    Jai Vora +91 982-136-0044

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    Re: How to hang images

    About hanging, there was a thread here a couple of years ago about fitting metal plates to the wall and hang the photos using magnets. I plan to use a more "formalistic" approach, buying this system:

    Picture Hanging Systems UK - The best way to hang your pictures! -Hanging systems & picture rails

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