I'm so happy for the advice I got here about waiting for the right printer
at the right price.
Met a lovely older gentleman photographer selling his 7600 on CL.
Original owner, barely used (5 stars ), and for 700 bucks walked away
with a full tank of inks, 3 tools of Matte and Luster paper, assorted doodads.
There's always something about karma and gear, like when it comes from good people.

I wanted to share the joy of getting my first print , a 20x36 image - and it was perfect. Matched my screen, and all the Pshop work I did clearly shows - it was like the first dektol print, but better...

Did have to clean the heads 5 times thereafter, realigned the heads, even changed the black inks thru some risky workaround that did save a lot of ink.

Im stuck with a couple niggling things that I can't find answers for.

1. what exactly do they mean by Roll Paper vs. Roll Paper banner vs. No Margins etc...
2. I'm running the latest OSX driver. Ive lost 4 big prints already due to the printer ONLY printing a small portion of the image.
Ive gone over all the settings, and yet can't find the tree in the forest.
The preview window confuses me - when I hit the Landscape button I expect my full image splayed out in Landscape but not here...

My first 22x36 print on Luster paper coming out now, and its a glorious feeling!!
But I only managed to do that by:
rotating my print in Pshop so that it was coming out vertically, AND
hitting the button for Print the Selected Area, just to be sure.
What am I missing? thanks in advance...