i've bought recently the epson 9800 with a new printhead.

i've tested with some graphics, some colors, logos etc. And it works perfectly, since i want to print a photo or picture.

I'm using 3rd party inks (i bought with that inks included), and 3rd party cartridges.

When i print photos, the light gray is printing much more dark than its have to be, so i decided to print a simple HSL chart to see where's the problem. And voila, there's a terrible problem with light grays tones. I need to know if is a wrong ink refill problem (i never need to refill, but the previous owner could make a mistake), or its a color management problem. Im attaching the original image, and scanned 2 printed tests:

the darker with a luster 260grs photo roll, Premium Luster setting and down a little the density.

and second with hi-def bond 120grs roll, singleweight matte setting and down a little the density.

I have to take down the density because: monitor is not calibrated and it's the simplest solution.

Thanks in advance!