Did my first color prints with VFA over the last couple of days - VERY impressive. Compared to other matte papers, even premium brands, impressive dmax and saturation. Factory profile is surprisingly good.

All the mattes I've tried as yet tend to have washed-out color and weak blacks - with factory profiles, but with a +10% tweak to saturation, the VFA prints are very color rich, accurate with very rich, deep blacks - and a surprising amount of detail thru the texture.

If anything, you need to be a little careful in handling dark areas. Soft proofing doesn't quite give an accurate idea of just how deep they are. Usually found I needed to lift the darkest zones just a touch - not something I expected to have to do with any matte.

I'm not normally a fan of textured paper (or matte for that matter), but VFA's modest texture almost vanishes under ink, with just enough remaining in the inked areas to give the prints a nice 'depth' or almost micro-3D effect.

Has instantly become my fave color paper