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Thread: Lexjet blowing out ipf8400 44" $2400.00

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    Lexjet blowing out ipf8400 44" $2400.00

    Just received an email from Lexjet. They bought the last of Canon's ipf8400 inventory. They're blowing them out at $2400 including shipping.

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    Re: Lexjet blowing out ipf8400 44" $2400.00

    Yep, got same email. That is an incredible price on a fantastic printer!

    I recently had to make the choice between fixing the head carriage assembly on my aging Epson 11880 (3rd time since 2005); or for the same $$ I could buy the CanonIPF 8400 brand new and it comes with full set of ink...or a little more and get the 60" IPF9400.

    I went with the Canon, and its a marvelous printer. Equal to the Epson in every way and exceeds it in other ways. Cant say enough nice things about this printer.
    At first it took some getting used to....I never knew that there were printers out there that did NOT require multiple head cleanings and nozzle checks every single friggin day and before every single job, $3000 repair bills every couple years, and went thru $300 700ml ink cartridges like bottled water!!
    Our Canon IPF has gone thru full 10 rolls of 50" Canvas, and 3 44" rolls watercolor at this point and not a single head clog or strike, and the 330ml inks say they are still full for the most part.
    Here is the best part: If a head does go out, I get to just replace that head, not the entire carriage!! What a concept, right?

    Sorry Epson, I just can't go back now

    The Canon IPF is a steal at this price. I got a similar discount on our 60" version the IPF9400. Total no brainer!

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