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Thread: Need PC help/advice

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    Need PC help/advice

    Greetings all. I am a retired 82 year old amateur. 8.5 years ago, I had Puget Systems custom build my PC. It has 16 GB RAM, a 500mb hard drive that has the Windows 7 PRO 64 bit operating system and my programs, and it also has a 1TB hard drive for my files. I back up to two identical USB external drives.
    I now use hi res cameras (Sony A7RII, and Fuji GFX 50R), I do a lot of HDR work, and also combine files to put different skies in my foregrounds, all of which produce very large files. Opening programs, such as Photoshop CS 6, takes forever. I get frequent crashes when I try to open PS and another graphics enhancement program simultaneously. I am thinking of a new PC with 32GB RAM, a solid state drive for the operating system (Win 10 PRO) and programs, and a 1TB hard drive for my files. Here are my concerns:
    1. I built my web site about 8.5 years ago, using Microsoft "Expressions Web" program. It is a "plain vanilla" simple web site that I am able to update myself. It is running now on Windows 7. I have no clue how to transition it over from my present PC to a new PC (with different operating systems), and upload it to my web site provider company. I am possibly brain dead now, but I do not even know where the web files are on my PC. I open the program by clicking on the short cut icon. I modify the web pages on my PC, then upload the "changed files" to my service provider. I then "save" the changed pages, but have no idea where my PC puts them. Really need help here.
    2. I now use the non subscription Photoshop CS 6. It is fine for what I do. I assume I will have to abandon CS6 and buy a subscription PS?
    3. I have a ton of enhancement programs, both plug ins and stand alones. Most do not have CDs; I paid for them and down loaded them. I will need to down load them and try to install them to Win 10. Some are old, discontinued, and may not work on Win 10. I have the passwords and serial numbers written down (9 pages of them).
    4. I actually run two versions of Photoshop. I use CS 6 for most of my work. but have to use an older Photoshop to use some of the plug ins that the maker abandoned and will not run on CS 6. I assume these plug ins are gone forever?
    I am providing a link to my web site so you can get an idea of it's simple design.
    Thanks very much
    Dave Gurtcheff
    Beach Haven, NJ USA

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    Re: Need PC help/advice

    If you aren't going to continue with expression web how about you FTP direct on to the web server and then download the pages back to a new folder on your PC. Then edit the raw html to change the pages (with a text editor) and then reload them. I assume you have the FTP information to have connected to the webserver in the first place. Download Filezilla to allow you to connect to the webserver and transfer files from PC to webserver and vice versa

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