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Thread: Hahnemuehle Gallerie Wrap Professional

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    Hahnemuehle Gallerie Wrap Professional


    I am just of the phone with the technical department in Hahnemuehle in Germany and spoke with Mr. Neumann about their new system at great length.

    I expressed concern about the usage of adhesive only. He explained that they tested that extensively in labs under different temperature/humidiy conditions and that there is no reason for concern.

    I find the idea very appealing, and coming from Hahnemuehle is somewhat a garantee for very high standards. They supply a variety of bars and center bars, in two different qualities, whereby the Gallerie Pro edition was of interest to me only. Here you find 8 bars in a set, from 13" to 40" which of course can be freely combined, the center bars go from 20" to 40". Additionally you need the Corner set, which is re usable.

    I ordered a variety of bars including a roll of canvas to give that a shot.

    Interesting is the option to use so called extender bars, they enable you to use the longest bar length of 40" for example and combine them towards 80", and exactly this is what I am trying to achieve. To create a 80"x20" panorama that I try to stretch entirely myself.

    There is more VERY interesting news about this system, but unfortunately I can not talk about it here right now. It will be officially communicated by Hahnemuehle very soon, I'll keep you in the loop.

    I am going to out myself with the project, meaning success or not, I will post it in this thread here and share it with you folks, and trust me, if I can really do that, you will do it blind fold. It won't happen very soon though, stuff has to come from germany, I am in the middle of other stuff as well, but I would think in the next 20 days or so, I should be able to report back here and show some pictures of the process and "final mess" I created.

    Little video clip:

    Gallerie Wrap Pro
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    Re: Hahnemuehle Gallerie Wrap Professional


    Awesome, I had heard about the new tool and am looking forward to hearing some real-world experiences with it!

    "Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence."

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