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Thread: Exhibition protocols?

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    Exhibition protocols?

    A local bank has agreed to host an exhibition of my landscape photography. The bank is quite large, so there is enough room for about 40 of my prints, which range in size from 40 x 60 to 40 x 120.

    This is my first public exhibit and I am wondering if there are any protocols to follow?

    I plan to draw up a list of the prints and have the bank manager sign a receipt. I was also planning to distribute flyers to the local merchants. Apart from that, I don't know what is customarily done in these situations and would appreciate some advice.

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    Re: Exhibition protocols?

    is there a contract involved? do you plan to sell your images? if so get the bank a price list, for insurance purposes and make sure people know who to contact if they want to by one. my two cents

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    Re: Exhibition protocols?

    First of all, MASSIVE CONGRATS! This sounds excellent, and with a little help from the bank you should make a good sale. Consider an opening event whereby your bank could help you by inviting their elite customers for the opening. You could create an invitation print A4 matted and include it in the invitation, it is a nice give away that does not cost you a lot (assuming you print yourself) and should help generate interest.

    Check with your insurance on the value of prints and their policies.

    What is in case of a flooding, robbery or anything that causes you loss or damage of the works on display.

    Have photographs of each framed print in the bank with date stamp as a reference for possible insurance matters.

    Best of Luck with that!

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    Re: Exhibition protocols?

    inches or centimeters?
    either way impressive: really 18x48 inches?

    what do you use to print? I am new to large format printing (used Kodak 8660 dye-sub for years, so 8x12 was largest I could do, and used lab for large prints)

    What papers do you use?

    I am also interested in the protocol, as I have had some invitation to mount prints,


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