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Thread: Website test request again

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    Ranger 9

    Website test request again

    Hello again --

    If you've got a spare minute, please hit my website address

    and let me know if you encounter any photo-display glitches. The slideshow plug-in I'm using seems a bit flakey, so I'm curious to know how it works on a variety of operating systems and browsers. Thanks!


    After seeing the new Photocrati portfolio-website themes for Wordpress, I decided I liked their idea of using Wordpress for the whole thing, for better integration between the portfolio content and the blog content. (Currently I use Wordpress for the blog and Imagevue for the portfolio.)

    In fact, I was tempted to just buy a license for one of the Photocrati themes... but then I thought, "Geez, I'm a graphic designer, I really ought to do this myself..." Besides, I didn't want to have too abrupt a transition from the site's previous graphic appearance, so this way I can ease into a different look if desired.

    I haven't moved all the content yet, and some of the page designs aren't final -- don't want to invest a lot of effort until I know how well the slideshow plug-in performs.

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    Re: Website test request again

    Hello Ranger9

    Windows XP
    All seems to work fine in Firefox 3.0.12
    In the latest Safari all seems fine except fullscreen mode does not work for the slideshows

    In both browsers, the Late-Night Drag Racing gallery does not have the "control bar" to advance the images (perhaps by design). Also, the info text does not seem to function properly in this gallery.

    Nice images!

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    Ranger 9

    Re: Website test request again

    Thanks, CMB, for the report!

    The control-bar feature is built into the slideshow plug-in (NextGen Gallery) and seems to be a bit touchy -- sometimes it won't appear or disappear when it's supposed to, fullscreen and pause aren't always reliable, etc. I don't know whether a simpler theme would help, or if it's just the way the plug-in is coded. Oh, well, I've always said the unofficial motto of the Internet is "Sometimes the magic doesn't work"!

    Thanks again...

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