Hi All!

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a "Business" Entry under the Other Discussions. I've always had questions from the stages of thinking about starting a business up until now where I am registering for a photography business.

I have had a lot of questions, and there seems to be no one place that I feel I can ask such questions. This can be anything from asking if other have set up a LLC to vendor questions like where do you have your albums or frames made, to hiring models or setting up contracts, even point someone in the right direction. Liability insurance to drawing up contracts.

This is by far my most frequented photography forum and a lot of advice on gear and technique. However, I think having an area to talk about the business aspects will be a great addition.

Now I understand nothing is 'legally binding', but more about pointing people in the right direction, is all that some people might need. I know many here have had studios, and made a career out of photography and I feel their advice will be gold. I know it will be to me.

I'd love to seek this addition to just suddenly appear even if there are no responses to this thread posting

Thanks for reading!