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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving

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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Wow it's the Holidays already the famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is on. Time flys but taking the day out to be with your family and give thanks for what we have is very special. To all our members here at GetDPI the staff here wishes you the very best . Peace , Harmony, love and Understanding are the days top priority to live by. For me it's about my two grandkids as I hit that magic number in a week of 60. Have a Great Day to ALL our members.
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving

    Thank you Guy!

    With every day that passes I am reminded how precious are
    life, friendships and family.

    But a thread without pictures ...

    Bless you one and all

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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving

    Posted elsewhere as well, but thanks Guy and Bob and also a wholehearted Happy Thanksgiving from me to all GetDPI members.

    Might be a bit strange for a European to celebrate Thanksgiving, but we lived in the US twice for some time and that habit never wore off

    Actually, we're have some other ex US expat Europeans over next saturday for our Turkey dinner. This is from a few years back

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