Just as a crude/dubious feel for folks' interest,
I usually look over the Viewing counts per several
forums : "Oooo, m4/3 is > Leica & Fuji, but < Sony."
(For a while a year or so ago, Sony seemed to often top
popular MF, which is the usual move-views one to my
awareness, by good measure.)

Circa 17:00 EDT (USA), I was thus amazed to see:

>>> 4/3rds Cameras(303 Viewing) <<<<

1) This was tops.
2) This was about TEN times any total I'd ever noticed.
(MF was at around 100.)

Then I sat here every few seconds clicking the refresh
icon and watching the m4/3 count diminish to low 200s.

. . . and I wonder WTH?!