I've been pondering this project for some time now, but this place has providing a nice inspirational "kick" to start making it happen. The short story is that I'm wanting to mix this:


with this:


Actually I've got about 17K photos in my library to pick from...those are just a recent subset that I blogged. I'd welcome advice from anyone on issues of process, content, tools, etc.

My initial plan is to make an online "live" version of the "book", probably using drupal. Then I would do an on-demand print version, perhaps using blurb or some other "vanity" press setup. I'd gladly shop the thing around, but in this day and age, traditional publishing models are at the very least, in transition, and at the extreme opinion, fairly dead.

I'll probably pick a favorite verse or two and try to pair it with an appropriate image so people have something to take apart. In the meantime, if anyone is a glutton they can wade through the poetry. It can be rather dark though...kinda like some of Mitch's street photos