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Thread: Some LX3 Photos

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    Some LX3 Photos

    I am new to this site and a big fan of the LX3 and the Lumix m43 cameras, and have the GF1 with the 20/1.7, and the G1 with the two kit zooms.

    I would like some opinion on these three LX3 photos. They are jpg's straight out of the camera and I know they need some PP but I am interested in comments about the compositions themselves. I think all three have potential but wanted others opinions. Thanks!!

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    Re: Some LX3 Photos

    Just one man's opinion. The first #337 is a backlighted subject and needs light on the main subject; it is hard to comment on the composition. The model in second one #310 could use a bit more illumination, but I like the composition and I like the expression of the model. I like the third photo. Good luck with your photography and your new cameras and lenses.

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    Re: Some LX3 Photos

    I've shot jpeg for YEARS and I've always been very reluctant with the whole RAW workflow...but I have to say that after having tried it during a trip I cannot think about shooting any other way. You will be amazed how much flexibility it can give you. Especially when it comes to compacts where you need to get as much image data as you can.

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