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Thread: Bus Stop Buddy

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    Bus Stop Buddy

    I was driving out of my village the other morning when I saw this handsome creature scavenging in the rubbish bin at the top of the hill, so I parked the car and took a few shots. Before I got anything decent, some people walked by and he or she ran across the main road and perched near the bus stop.

    So I walked over and took a few more shots... this time with a less cluttered background. One thing about the DP2's focal length, you definitely have to be close to someone (or some animal) to get a decent photo. And I got close enough to get warned off three times. I suppose I was about five or six feet away... I was too busy to measure.

    I processed all four photos as large as possible, but I reduced this one (without looking and with no shapening) just to give you an idea of what you'll see in the larger photos that I've linked below.

    Photo 1 (above)
    Photo 2
    Photo 3
    Photo 4

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    D upton-Hackett.

    Re: Bus Stop Buddy

    With that expression it has to be female.
    lovely shots too.


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