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Thread: Goodbye DL4, hello GRDIII

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    Re: Goodbye DL4, hello GRDIII

    Quote Originally Posted by cam View Post

    i believe i read somewhere that Popflash has a try before you buy program... i doubt the GXR will be on it for a bit of time, but i think the GRDIII will be.
    GRD3 IS available as a demo from Popflash and GXR will be perhaps by the end of December. Tony and Alex talked Ricoh into this program and it's dead easy: you put down your credit card, they charge you the cost of the camera, you return it in a week or so and they refund all but $10 of your money!

    They lent me one a month ago for the birth of our daughter's first baby and it really is a little gem all the things we'd heard about: easy to be with one all the time, intuitive handling, fast lens, an amazing array of optional settings, wonderful image quality. I'd thought I might be disappointed with that tiny sensor, but, really wasn't. "A bird in the hand," etc.

    In short, I liked it a lot and if it weren't for all those other exciting options on the horizon, would have one now. My name's on the demo list for the GXR, however, and....

    So THANK YOU Tony Rose and Alex at Popflash! My family and I have LOTS to thank you for and you're at the top of our permanent list of good dealers!!

    (PS: I'm not free to post personal pics of our daughter, son-in-law and their wonderful and healthy baby boy, but here are a few others taken on diaper runs and beach walk breaks. Mostly just unprocessed jpegs hope you like some.) (Tried to erase the wave, which was taken handheld around midnight and is good enough to be at least evocative in DNG form, but couldn't. My apologies...)


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    Re: Goodbye DL4, hello GRDIII

    I was surprised by how much I enjoyed using 28mm, I thought I'd use it mainly indoors but have found it great to work with while walking the suburbs.

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