Sorry to bore you with yet another photo of the mammal, but I've been watching the BBC's Genius of Photography series and was reminded how lovely black-and-white photographs can be.

I took this one of Spooks yesterday morning on a colorful bedspread, but it was at ISO800, so there was some grain, and I also found some color splotching on his body after I converted the RAW DP2 file (first time for that) – so it was a perfect candidate for black-and-white.

I used Silver Efex for the conversion with just minor tweaks.
Then Noiseware to remove the noise.
And then I left it soft and unsharpened because another thing I've learned from seeing some of the classic photographs is that many of them aren’t technically perfect.

I remind myself that while we stare at our photos and enlarge them to pixel level, no one else does – they have lives and first impressions are usually just fine with them.