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Thread: Getting a Grip on the Sigma DPI

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    Getting a Grip on the Sigma DPI

    This is my first post here although i have been an avid follower of this forum for some time inspired by Guy and Mitch. I'm a film shooter at heart but have lately acquired the GRD2 and the Sigma DP1 for specific projects in Cambodia.

    Hot and humid conditions in S E Asia make a grip essential for the DPI in my view so I have been in communication with Richard Franiec
    (who has designed custom grips for the Canon G7 and G9) asking him if he'd design a grip for the DP1. If the demand is high enough i think it's a distinct possibility. Please drop him an email if you'd also be interested.

    Guy if this post is in the wrong section please move it - i can't see a section that covers the sensor size for the DPI.

    Simon Larbalestier
    Bangkok, Thailand
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    Re: Getting a Grip on the Sigma DPI

    Welcome Simon. The DP1 ends up being discussed here because we're not too fussy about exact sensor size, because its an alternative to the GR2, etc.



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    David Paul Carr

    Re: Getting a Grip on the Sigma DPI

    Hi Simon,

    I don't want a grip but I would value your opinion on the DP1...

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    Re: Getting a Grip on the Sigma DPI

    Hi David sorry i didn't see this post until just now (i will have to check my email notification settings) I'll post some info as soon put both the GRD2 and DP1 to work in SE Asia. My initial practical gripes (apart from the grip) are only two:

    The RAW write time - i found the 4GB Sandisk Extreme III to be faster than the 8GB version. But i can live with the write time when i don't need the fast shots.

    I wish the LCD screen could show B/W ( as i work in B/W) when shooting RAW like the GRD perhaps this will be a future firmware fix...

    I can definitely see place in my kit for the DP1 and the GRD2 in the new work i am doing.

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    Administrator, Instructor Guy Mancuso's Avatar
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    Re: Getting a Grip on the Sigma DPI

    Your thread is in the right spot. Love to see and hear more on this camera myself. Have fun
    Photography is all about experimentation and without it you will never learn art.

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    Re: Getting a Grip on the Sigma DPI

    Thanks Guy i'll post as soon as i have something that may be of interest to others.
    Shooting with both cameras is one thing learning the RAW workflow is something else.
    I've spent the last 3 three years nailing down my film scans and workflow!

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