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Thread: DP2 -1.05 /DP2s - 1.01 firmware updates

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    DP2 -1.05 /DP2s - 1.01 firmware updates

    We only just got FW 1.04 did'nt we?

    The only reported fix is * Improved image quality at ISO400.
    Seems to be a quiet update from Sigma. Be giving this a try on the weekend!

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    Re: DP2 -1.05 /DP2s - 1.01 firmware updates

    thanks. the dp2s firmware downloaded and installed. haven't had a chance to test the camera other than make sure it's working.


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    Re: DP2 -1.05 /DP2s - 1.01 firmware updates

    I upgraded the firmware on my DP2s - smooth upgrade - camera hung up for a second after the upgrade - but back to normal now.

    I don't see a difference in the ISO 400 shots - so whatever it was, appears to be a very subtle change that was incorporated.

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