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Thread: The American Southwest

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    Post The American Southwest

    Hi folks,

    A caveat: I didn't actually spend much time with small sensor cameras, even though my friends brought me a DP1 and DP2 to play with. I haven't used them enough to feel comfortable shooting with them, and didn't want to depend on a different style of shooting for this trip.

    So, three of us 'Sigma' shooters spent many days shooting the delightful landscape of Arizona, Utah, and Nevada over the course of nearly 2 weeks. I'm not going to throw photos here, but I'll point you to the blog where I'm documenting the adventure.

    Be warned: there are 8 posts and we're only through the fourth day of shooting... If you love wacky and wild landscape, I think you'll enjoy the photos.



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    D upton-Hackett.

    Re: The American Southwest

    very nice thanks for shearing. the sheer size of the place comes through very well.
    Looks very hot too.

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    Re: The American Southwest

    Very very nice, Jim, the "Sigma Look" compliments your Eye and Subjects here

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