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Thread: DP1x...when? How much? How fast?

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    DP1x...when? How much? How fast?

    The Dp1s has been announced for some time and people really didnīt see much of an improvement. The DP1x has been announced for some time and it is said to have the same speed as the DP2 (which is not much). I can see that the mini site is already up . But thereīs no word about price, availability, major actual improvements. I really love what the foveon sensor does, but with all the major guys coming up with compact powerhouse cameras itīs getting hard to invest money on a sigma camera. If they didnīt have my favorite sensor in all time I wouldnīt be giving this a second thought, but I absolutely adore the foveon sensor. I really wish Sigma would come up with something that could competitive.

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    Re: DP1x...when? How much? How fast?

    it looks like it will have the same layout back as the dp2. also, since buying the dp2s, i think they've improved the firmware, processing, etc. i'm with you, except i'm totally spoiled by the sensor/lens/size combination that i'm thinking of giving up most of my other cameras. we'll see. and the sigma 4 processor a jump up. it's like a mate, if you can live with the quirks the perks are worth it.


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