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Thread: Best photos shot with compacts

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    Lightbulb Best photos shot with compacts

    Also compact cameras are able to shoot really great pictures - not only in a technical view. Here I want to show four of my best pics I've made with a compact (the Canon IXUS 210). All shots are handheld.

    First, a flower shot after a day of rain.
    ISO 100, 24mm, exposure time 1/30

    Full size:

    ISO 80, 24mm, expuse time 1/1.000

    Full size:

    Third, another flower (yeah, I know, I like them 'cos they're don't move )
    ISO 80, 24mm, exposure time 1/400

    Full size:

    And last but not least, a great picture I never thought possible with a compact: A insect sitting outside the window of a driving car! I think this is a really great shot, and also the technical quality isn't that poor with a compact.
    ISO 160, 24mm, exposure time 1/1.250

    Full size:

    What do you think?
    Would love to see your best pics!


    (Have made small previews to speed up load times)

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    Re: Best photos shot with compacts

    I like photography so much. Photography is my hibby. Compact cameras are able to shoot really great pictures. Technically compact camera is so best. It is not only best in a technical view. All four pics are so lovely and beautiful. You have compact Canon IXUS 210 camera. So many feautures in Canon IXUS 210

    Features of Canon IXUS 210

    14.1 MP
    24mm wide, 5x zoom. Optical IS
    Creative shooting modes
    Advanced touch screen
    8.8 cm (3.5") Pure Color II Touch LCD
    HD movies. HDMI
    Smart Flash Exposure, i-Contrast
    Creative shooting modes

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    Re: Best photos shot with compacts

    I think you've got a camera like mine. Only they call it SD3500 IS here in the USA. I love the sharp pictures it produces.

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