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Thread: Sand in my LX3 - how to clean?

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    Sand in my LX3 - how to clean?

    I was at the beach last week. Today when extending the lens, I can hear grinding sounds. The lens still works and extends properly, but I really need to get the sand and grit out. Any advice?


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    Re: Sand in my LX3 - how to clean?

    Hi Scott,

    I posted a little story in the LX3 Images thread a few months ago when I fell over on wet ground and dumped my LX3 in muddy water. I took it to a local camera store who sent it off to a nearby camera repairer who took the lens off and cleaned the mud from inside the lens. Cost about 60 and has worked perfectly since.



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    Re: Sand in my LX3 - how to clean?

    Thanks Gandolfi. Sounds wiser than taking the screw driver to it myself (which I was about to do...).


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