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Thread: GR-D II on a day trip

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    GR-D II on a day trip

    Hello! I don't really post much here but I do lurk a lot - it's nice to get away from the moaning and so on at DPR :)

    A few weeks ago I went on a nice little day trip to Llangollen in Wales. I took my Pentax DS with 28mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.7 and 135mm f/3.5 lenses, all manual focus (I have a split-prism viewfinder screen in the camera). By SLR standards this is quite a lightweight package. I also took my GR-D II, ostensibly as a backup camera.

    Now, by Llangollen there is a largeish hill with the ruins of a castle at the top - Dinas Bran. Being the rather unfit city type I am (I'm working on that, btw ;), it was a rather difficult hike to the top, made worse by my choice of a shoulder bag (really should use a backpack!). I also found that the DS hardly got used at all, as I was too exhausted to be bothered with it.

    I discovered that in situations like this, a small, lightweight camera is much nicer to used, and that the wide FOV of the Ricoh is more generally useful than the 28mm normal lens on the DS. Surprisingly, I also found it easier to use the Ricoh's LCD than the Pentax's viewfinder. Normally I use the GRD with its GV-2 viewfinder for street work, where timing and quick reaction time are essential, and I can leave the camera switched on with the screen off. When hiking, though, there were no such pressures, so I could compose more carefully on the LCD screen.

    So, next time I go on a hike, first of all I will be using a backpack to carry my stuff. Second, while I'll still take an SLR (probably K10D), it'll be in the backpack, and I'll have my GR-D II on a belt-pack for quick access (or possibly just carry it in my hand, depending on the terrain).

    Here's a few pictures from the trip:

    Almost at the top:

    Finally made it!

    The full set, including some from the town of Llangollen itself, can be seen in the set on Flickr.

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    Re: GR-D II on a day trip

    I looks like it wasn't just a "simple" little hike but your results were so well worth it. From the shots posted here the third and 5th are my favorites and would love to see the 5th printed large.

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    Re: GR-D II on a day trip

    That last one is stunning.

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