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Thread: Samsung TL500 advice

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    Samsung TL500 advice

    I just got a Samsung TL500 as a briefcase, business travel, carry it with me, camera. I'm wondering if any users on this forum have any tips on using this camera.

    So far, the metering seems fairly aggressive in metering to the right, so I've dialed in -.3 EV to see how that works. Any comments on the multi-area metering versus the center weighted metering? It seemed like the multi-area is consistently exposing more than the center weighted, and I'm thinking of using the center weighted metering as the default.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Samsung TL500 advice

    I had one and returned it because it appears to have milky appearance:

    I noticed that some others have this problem too. I should hear from B&H tomorrow to see whether I should replace it or what?

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