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Thread: books

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    alas, it's getting to where i can hardly look at photo books, especially the new how-to:

    promises a lot yet it's mixture of classic photos with the author's own shows the weakness of the latter. nothing new here. and:

    more recycled ideas with a great title!

    i do recommend this one:

    the portraits full of feeling and i suspect many of them never published in national geographic.


    ps. just posted a blog which might interest some of you:
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    Re: books

    On a rather different style I have just read "Joe Cornish - A Photograher at Work" by Eddie Ephraums:

    Joe is a top gun landscape photographer who lives near to where I do. For many years most of his work has been done on a 5x4 view camera but he has now gone digital with an Ebony RSW45 with a Phase One P45+ back.

    Of much more interest on this forum is that alongside the Ebony he has also been using a GX100 and latterly an LX3. The compact cameras were initially used as a "notebook" but are now used for commercial work, especially where a great depth of field is required.

    Super book - I recommend it!


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