for those of you who can stream netflix search for 'joe satore' and 'robert frank' two very different documentaries. satore is about being a national geographic photographer and what you have to do to get the shot. frank is by a french photographer who re-traces some of his steps, finds photo spots, some people in the photos, and the editor and print-maker, etc. for the travel parts he uses a blurry technique to put us back in the past.

next day i looked thru 'the americans' at barnes and noble for the umpteenth time. i realized several things. one people never laugh, a few smile. lends a solemn atmosphere. he uses the golden triangle much of the time. as you know this pushes the focus further in the corner than the rule of thirds. i think it's cause he's european. and this book became the bible for young photographers around 1960, tho it didn't fly with the public. even in color photography you see the style in alex webb.

this is a great book:

i don't think any action/street photographer can be without it. it includes all the materials from the americans and the whole of that book.

my favorite alex webb book:

i also like his istanbul book.


ps. also check out a four part bbc series called 'the face' lots about how faces affect us, how the golden triangle creates models, etc.