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Thread: Nikon P7000 video

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    Nikon P7000 video

    I have been looking at this camera to take stills and also video. I just found out that the video is 1280x720 but at 24fps. Is this fast enough to give satisfactory videos? I asked this same question on another site, but no one has given me an answer. The Panasonic GF2 does 1920x1080 at 60fps, but it is $ 300 more. Would I be better off buying the Panasonic GF2?


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    Re: Nikon P7000 video

    DSLR's are chunky and boring. They also increasingly find themselves banned from events, buildings, etc. A mirrorless camera might be a better bet. IMO, 24fps is old school and should be done away with. It's an ill-conceived homage to 35mm film. 60fps produces FAR better-looking videos.

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