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Thread: GRD2 & GX100 Raw Developer

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    David Paul Carr

    GRD2 & GX100 Raw Developer

    Is anybody else using RD? Care to share your settings? I find that with the GRD2 I have to set the contrast to +30 / 40 %, hybrid sharpen 6/9, early stage NR 4, colour smoothing 7, luminance smoothing 4 (my current starting point for colour 200 ISO output). I am interested in outputting the sharpest possible colour TIFFs for subsequent retouching and possible interpolation with a view to printing large if required. I'm not interested in contrasty black and white (which I find much easier to achieve...).
    I'm finding getting to good default sharpening and NR settings very difficult (much harder than with my Canon DSLRs). When I get it wrong, output looks like that from any run of the mill P&S. When I get it right I can justify the price of the cameras... Starting off by photographing a page from a magazine and trying to sharpen that seems to be a good technique...
    I've reluctantly given up on Lightroom: can't sharpen adequately and noise reduction for files over 400 ISO isn't sufficient...
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