Hi everyone. I found this great site looking for information, tips and advice on the Ricoh GRD / GRD II and I can see this is the place to be with similarly minded fellow enthusiasts.

I already own a DSLR but I'm not always able to carry it with me and therefore I am looking for a great little pocket camera with a good lens, spec, sensor, image quality etc.

At the other end of the scale I have a Praktica Mini Pix key ring camera which produces unpredictable LOMO style results - but for 10 and a 2 year guarantee it's paid for itself already and the kids love it (when they can get it away from me)

The Ricoh seems to fit most of my want list quite well although I haven't made my mind up fully yet - so I'll be lurking and searching for GRD images / tips and advice with you all as the site grows.

User opinions on the GRD seem to vary quite a lot - so it's a case of making my own decision based on what I want from a compact camera.

Kind regards and a Merry Christmas to you all (If it's not too early to wish you this that is)