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Thread: Janadiriyah..The Annual heritage Festival

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    Janadiriyah..The Annual heritage Festival

    The Saudi Arabian Annual Heritage Festival takes place in a village just outside Riyadh. Janadiriyah.

    This Festival presents, under one purpose built village, all that the different
    regions of my country have to offer.

    Our past, our culture, our folklore. Villages and streets of the past have been
    meticulously reconstructed. Everything is accurate in the minutest detail.
    Visiting the different regions of the Kingdom, one sees similar constructions.

    It is a fun event for all. It is specially interesting for the vast community of
    guest workers ( from all over the world ) too see, hear and experience
    Saudi Arabia.

    I took my family, a few days ago to the Festival.

    Here are some snaps from that trip.

    Those who follow the Nikon threads might know Ayesha, my wife as the
    enthusiastic mountain climber.

    Here she is making sure that the water well does indeed have water from the ground.

    My apologies for the IQ. Just family snaps.

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    Re: Janadiriyah..The Annual heritage Festival

    Would love to see more photos from this collection.

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