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Thread: Uploading pictures

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    Uploading pictures

    I looked at the instructions on this site for uploading pictures, but did not understand them. Can anyone tell me how to resize and upload pictures to a thread? Make the instructions simple because I am not that good on a computer.


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    Re: Uploading pictures

    1. Uploading from your PC/Mac: use the attachment (paper clip) icon and attach the appropriate (probably jpeg) file. Make sure the size isn't too big or small. I do 700 pixel across usually.

    2. If you got your photos hosted elsewhere on the web, use the picture (mountain and sun) icon and post the appropriate link to your picture via URL.

    How's that? I hope it isn't too difficult. Best with the Samsung

    PS. resizing can be done with most programs. Picasa, PS, LR, or software that came with the samsung.

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