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Thread: resisting obsolescence -request to sean reid

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    resisting obsolescence -request to sean reid

    sean has a very nice article on older dslr's which hold up today.

    i'd like to see an article on small sensor cameras.

    here are my candidates:

    sony 717
    canon g3
    fuji s6000
    fuji f30/31

    i've ended up buying a backup for each of these cameras, knowing they would disappear. all of them give very distinctive results.


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    Re: resisting obsolescence -request to sean reid

    I'll agree with the Fuji F30/31 (which is the only one of those I'm familiar with). I'm hanging on to mine because it appears better than the later models that came along (F50, F100) - lowest noise, and various semi-manual features that were dropped from the F100. Fuji's sensor technology somehow manages to get considerably lower noise than other manufacturers' similar-size sensors. Now if they could just add raw capability, I'd be tempted to carry the F30 instead of my DSLR some of the times I have the latter...

    New F30's (from amazon's partner sellers) are selling for far more than their original price when they came out, and far more than the current model F100! I think that tells you something...

    When will the manufacturers (or is it most of their customers?) figure out that 6 clean MP are better than 10 or 12 noisy MP at print sizes up to about 12"x18"?


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    Re: resisting obsolescence -request to sean reid

    I agree fully with the F30/31 and the S6000, used both, liked them.
    I still use my S6000fd most of all after my GRD.

    edit, the S6000fd uses same sensor as f30series, has more image controls and
    with type H XD card it writes files in 3-4 seconds.
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    Re: resisting obsolescence -request to sean reid

    Hi All,

    Wayne, good idea for a thread.

    I will suggest that the Olympus C-8080 stands up well still. It is a very solidly built camera and the lens is superb. I suppose it shows its age in the playback and processing times but the images are very nice indeed.

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    Re: resisting obsolescence -request to sean reid

    Olympus C5050z. Still holds its own with image and lens quality and has flip out LCD, metal body, wireless remote, reasonable inboard flash. Controls are good too.
    A classic camera for sure.


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