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Thread: Rioch GRD II Question - Shift Focus

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    Oxide Blu

    Ricoh GRD II Question - Shift Focus

    I just noticed the little macro icon with a plus sign '+' in the upper right corner of the display. Ok, when did focus shifting for the GRDII in macro mode using spot focus get enabled? Or did I somehow miss this from day one, i.e. how come it is enabled now but wasn't before in my camera? Did I do that? How do I turn it on/off?
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    Oxide Blu

    Re: Rioch GRD II Question - Shift Focus

    Ok, I downloaded the manual for this camera. There is NO SHIFT FOCUS mode...except that I accidentally enabled it, somehow. I notice an icon I had not seen before, the flower-looking thing indicated 'macro' mode WITH a plus-sign on it.

    If you look at the GRD II manual, page 23, there is a graphic of the icons possible on the display screen. This shift focus icon appeared in the space between icon #7 (Remaining number of images) and icon #8 (pic quality).

    Well, if anyone figures out how to enable/disable it, let us know. It features a cross-hairs cursor that you move around the display with the 4 direction buttons. Wherever you park the cross-hairs, that's the point that is focused on when you depress the shutter release half way. Would be nice if it was available in any shooting mode. I just happened to be in macro mode when I noticed it.

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    Re: Rioch GRD II Question - Shift Focus

    All Ricohs have this function when you are in Macro Mode. Just set the camera to macro mode, press adjust if not justand the icon should be automaticallly selected, if not just move the selection over the last entry or before the first entry and this will select it.

    The R8 and GX200 have a normal focus and AF shift but all camera have this focus shift in macro mode, works great if you have the camera stable ut want to change your focus point.

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    Oxide Blu

    Re: Rioch GRD II Question - Shift Focus

    Thank you. Indeed, it is something that was there all along that I missed when reading the manual; a part of macro mode that exists beyond the bounds of the [ADJ] functions.

    After reading your reply I did a text search of the online manual for the camera, looking for "shift". On page 67, Ricoh calls it "target shift". Hey, it looks like a target when in that mode.

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